” Ay, caramba! The colonists who landed on Poppelvan quickly realized that they would not have the glory of being the first to discover this planet: someone had been there before them – and not only had they been there, they had actively used it as a warehouse and transshipment base. Who that was remained a mystery for a long time. The underground storehouses were found to hold many containers of Nergal fish, which is considered an extinct species and is banned from sale and transport, along with hundreds of chests filled with weapons, including weapons of mass destruction, narcotics, and even secret military sketches. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum! Apparently, Poppelvan, this vibrant and appealing planet, served as a refuge for pirates and smugglers of all nationalities. The shocked colonists didn’t know what to do. While the captains and administrators conferred, a mutiny broke out among the crew. It was started by the supervisor of the ship’s kitchen, a veteran space wolf named John Golder. Arming himself with a blaster, which he hid in his mechanical leg, Golder captured the communication room, and after he forced open the drone control system, he gave the order to attack the leaders. It’s frightening to think how this story could have ended if a deputy of the second navigator, a brave youth named Hawk Jimkins, hadn’t slyly infiltrated the lair of the insurgents, disarmed Golder, and managed to cut the drone power at the last minute before any shots were fired. At least this is how he told the story after the fact. “

(Shared by ORION)

Number: 7942

Ressources: Ti, Cf, Ad

Type: Legendary planet

Sector: 8,27

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