“The most valuable thing in 0xUniverse is the planets. The more there are, the more opportunities you have.

Every planet has its own unique appearance and features: number, date of discovery, name, owner, rarity (common, rare, epic, or legendary), sector (learn more about the map of the Galaxy).

On every planet, a population grows and resources are extracted. Each planet is rich in its own way, so the speed of growth and composition of the resources are different for every planet. Like the planets, the resources are classified as common, rare, epic, and legendary. You’ll need them to invent and build spaceships.

Keep in mind there is a resource storage cap allowing players to have a certain resource amount at a single time. Multiply your resource production rate by 200 to see how big your cap is. Note that this only concerns storage and the total amount of resources has no limits.

Also, the legendary planets have their own stories, which only the owner can see (learn more about the story of the world of 0xUniverse).”

(by 0xUniverse)

Planets types:









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